The India Japan Initiative is an organization that aims at building enduring associations between the peoples, governments, businesses and cultures of India and Japan. As a non-profit organization, IJI will strives to create and nurture stronger ties between India and Japan through exchanges of views, interests and learnings at various levels.

While there are efforts being made by industry bodies, government and diplomatic channels to address these issues, IJI believes a deeper appreciation of each other’s history, culture and current affairs is imperative to carry the relationship forward into the area of economic and geo-political closeness. The process must be all–encompassing, providing an enabling environment for the people of the two countries to interact closely, leading to higher levels of comfort.

Under the guidance of the Charter Members, whose expertise, interest and desire to build lasting relationships with the Japanese will be a valuable contribution to the relations that IJI aims to strengthen, IJI undertakes multi-dimensional activities at four basic levels to achieve its goals: People-to-People; Culture-to-Culture and Business-to-Business.

Torque Communications is the operational arm of IJI. Over the past seven years, we have worked across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, putting together experiences which share culture. We have reached out to schools and women’s associations, old age homes and colleges to create enchanting moments of cultural appreciation. Japanese women in India have learnt to dance to Bollywood beats, stretch to yoga and create delicious Indian dishes. Indian girls and women have learnt about the Japanese tea ceremony and the art of Origami and wearing the Kimono.