It was said once that the two things that kept India working was the steel rails of Railways and the Steel Frame of Indian Government. Today, the story of Indian economic growth lies firmly on the shoulders of logistic firms, be they global express courier services or supply chain firms or large shipping operations. As the economy grows at a breath taking pace, the key concern always was ‘infrastructure’. Atypical to most economies, India moved forward despite infrastructure having to catch up. And the success of movement was driven by global and Indian logistic firms that looked at the advantages of doing business in India, founds ways to do business in India and changed the way in which India did business. Over the years, Torque has been associated with many a success story in logistics, most notably the FedEx India story.

Logistics at its delivery end is a function of efficient processes, great organizations and excellence in service cultures. However, on a larger scale, it is the best possible indicator of the health of the economy as it stands today. Much before the stock market reacts or the signs of change hit employment, the volume of goods being transported give a ready picture of the economy speeding up or slowing down.

And that is the story that Torque partners where companies in logistics are more than an organization that moves goods, provides great services and delivers on time. To us, it is the story of a new India where the volume and rapidity of movement between hubs in India and around the world reflect the essential vibrancy of the economy and tells a great story of India on the move.