Every June, India’s coolest people get on to some very heavy duty bikes and go yonder to conquer the mountains of Himalayas. Around the same time, Farmers start scouting for tractors about the time the Monsoons start setting in on the country. Elsewhere, bikes and cars are rolled out to woo India’s ever growing and enthusiastic middle class.

Torque Communications has a long lineage in automobiles with a team that traces its first engagement all the way to the days when there were really just three players carving up the market. From thence to today when there are more cars, makers and models that you can put up on a large sized board, the world of Indian automobiles has undergone a huge transformation. And so have attitudes towards cars. Where the car used to be a lifetime purchase, now it is just there for the next three years, maybe five.

From an entry level car that should be dirt cheap, cars need to be everything when people are ready to graduate from two wheels to four. From being nicely settled before one bought a car, today’s customer is barely out of his teens and his first debt is a car. And so will this space keep evolving as technologies, styles, lifestyles and, indeed, the spectrum of energy changes.

The name Torque itself was inspired by the affinity with and deep affection for the sector. Over the years, Torque has worked on a slew of launches, products, categories and brands that have changed the way India drives, from companies that were taking huge risks by creating a new category to those who were going back to global roots and therefore taking a risk in market that is famous for being ‘just India’, it has been a huge roller coaster ride.